Other Services

Other Services

Avenues Counseling offers other services outside of individual and group counseling to engage in our Missional Vision to create partnerships, and offer consultation and care.

Below are some of the other services we offer to provide to the local community

Training and Seminars

The Avenues Counseling staff regularly gives training classes and seminars on various topics. If you would like to have a staff member come and speak to your church or organization, please contact us. Below are some topics on which we are ready to present. We are also happy to develop and customize materials specific to your needs.

■Falling In Love With Our Savior: Moving From Fear to Freedom – This seminar discusses how we can become freed from our fears, to therefore experience a richer relationship with others and the Lord. The goal of this seminar is to bring to the surface our individual fears, to realize how our fears negatively affect our relationships with others and the Lord, and to equip us to gain freedom from our fears.

■Doing Relationships Differently – Exploring new ways of being in relationship with family and friends, the goal of this seminar is to equip individuals with healthy tools to relate, as well as awareness of current, poor relating patterns.

■How Not To Go Back – Uncovering the patterns of abusive relationships and discussing how to break free from these abusive relationships, the goal of this seminar is to equip individuals with the knowledge of what an abusive relationship looks like, and how to break free from it, and move towards recovery.

■Honest Appraisal – This seminar evaluates the current health of the various relationships in our lives. We look at items like establishing healthy boundaries, the dynamics of power and control, and learning to label unhealthy VS. healthy relationships.

■Women and Our View of Self – Women who struggle with believing truth about their body image and identity will benefit greatly from this talk. This talk uncovers the lies women struggle with in their view of themselves, equips with the tools necessary to experience freedom from these struggles, and teaches the truth about their identity and value.


Avenues Counseling believes in the importance of using our resources to train the next generation of professional counselors. Members of our staff supervise individuals during their internship year to fulfill their educational training requirements. We also offer supervision to those seeking to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Church Care

Avenues partners with area churches and ministry organizations to offer consultation, mentoring, and care ministry development to staff, pastors, and ministry leaders.

If you have an interest in learning more about these partnerships, please view our Missional Vision page, Contact Us online, or give us a call at 314-529-1391.